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lgbt roommate sought! [11 Sep 2011|10:46pm]

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Sat. July 16th: GOD SAVE THE QUEEN: Hey Queen Presents a Queer Punk Dance Party! [08 Jul 2011|02:04pm]

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THIS WEEKEND! Fame & Shame on the LES: Heather Ács & Company [04 Jul 2011|01:41pm]

Fame & Shame on the LES Presents:
this is what we have...

Solo Performance by Heather Acs
Music by Jazzmen Lee-Johnson and Gepetta


Thursday, 7/7 @ 8pm at CSV, 107 Suffolk Street - $5
Friday, 7/8 @ 8pm at CSV, 107 Suffolk Street - $5
Saturday, 7/9 @ 8pm at Le Petit Versailles, E. Houston & Ave. C - FREE, but RSVP Required for Saturday show: http://bit.ly/rsvplpv


Sometimes what we have is not enough. Sometimes what we have is far too much... Solo performance artist, Heather Acs will create something out of nothing to bring you an astronomical evening of storytelling, music, magic, and theatre that needs no stage.

You don’t need to be famous, you don’t need to be rich, dreamin’ is free. Enjoy an intergalactic exploration of adventures, interconnectivity & the story of stardust. Sometimes what we have, is just right.

HEATHER M. ÁCS is a Brooklyn-based, multi-media theatre performance artist, activist, educator and high-femme troublemaker. Her gritty, glittery work has been featured in festivals, theatres, and galleries across the U.S., Canada, and Europe. She performs and facilitates workshops at community spaces, colleges and conferences from coast to coast. Heather has worked with Justin Bond, Claude Michelle-Wampler, J. Ed Araiza of the SITI Company, and filmmaker, Steven Soderbergh. She is the Co-Producer of the Heels on Wheels Glitter Roadshow, a touring, performance-art cabaret of flashy, queer femme performers. She is also a dedicated teaching artist, using theatre as a tool for social change with low-income youth.

More Info:
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This Saturday! [21 Jun 2011|08:44am]

Saturday, June 25, 2011, Step-off from Bryant Park (42nd/6th) at 5 PM - Sharp!

The 19th Annual NYC Dyke March: IN DYKES WE TRUST

It's the time to hit the streets! Make some noise. Be visible. Be heard. Demonstrate, agitate, liberate! Bring signs, banners, drums, giant puppets, flags, hula hoops, or just be there! And if you really want to make things happen - be a marshal.

The Dyke March is a protest march, not a parade -- we don't ask for a permit, because we have the right to protest. We recognize that we must organize amongst ourselves to fight for our rights, our safety, and for visibility. Thousands of dykes take over the streets every year in celebration of LBTQ women and to protest against ongoing discrimination, harassment, and anti-LBTQ violence in schools, on the job, in our families, and on the streets.

The Dyke March is open to all self-identified women.

TONIGHT! NYC Bi PRIDE Party 2011 upstairs at the Stonewall Inn [18 Jun 2011|03:40pm]

[ mood | flirty ]

We're having a Bi PRIDE Party and YOU are Invited!!!Collapse )

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June 12: Second Annual Sex Worker Cabaret [16 May 2011|12:29am]

Join us for the Second Annual Sex Worker Cabaret on Sunday, June 12, 2011!

Sex workers take the stage to tell their diverse stories through performance, narrative, puppetry, burlesque, comedy and more. This event starts with a curated selection of video works about sex work around the globe, and then features an all-star lineup of eleven performers.

Producers Sarah Jenny and Damien Luxe are proud to present this Sunday evening cabaret showcasing some of the most vibrant creative talent in the sex worker community. The cabaret is in homage to Annie Oakley’s Sex Workers Art Show (1997-2009) and takes place during LGBTQ Pride month, a time to reflect on the importance of community. Come listen to tales of self-determination, and bear witness to survival and celebration as sex workers eloquently — and at times raunchily — speak their truths.

With MCs Sarah Jenny and Damien Luxe and DJ Sirlinda!

WHEN: Sunday, June 12, 2011
TICKETS: $12 in adv. or $15 at the door (Click here to purchase tickets online.)
WHERE: Public Assembly, 70 N. 6th St., Brooklyn, NY

For more information, please visit www.sexworkercabaret.com

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My new FTM YOUTUBE Channel! [19 Apr 2011|09:21pm]


im ryan, and im ftm! yah

i just wanted to post about my new youtube channel, where im trying to set up a place for people to talk about ftm everyday issues. Ive set up a few videos already and am open to ideas to make new videos. one of the more important reasons for doing this was because i felt that the lgbt community has a way of excluding queer people of color, and being hispanic myself, i identify with this feeling. i havent seen much out there based on these issues and thought maybe this could be a place for some of that to be spoken about.

well heres the channel check it out!

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Queer Memoir: HOME March 26th [19 Mar 2011|10:14pm]


Never heard of Queer Memoir? Check our our website, including our One Year of Stories, RSVP on facebook, or learn more about Queer Memoir’s founders and hosts, playwright Genne Murphy and ex nun genderqueer comic Kelli Dunham.
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NYC: Sex Worker Cabaret- Call For Performers (Sunday, June 12, 2011) [15 Mar 2011|02:00pm]

Sex Worker Cabaret - Call For Performers
Sunday, June 12, 2011

Share Your Sex Worker Pride this June at the Sex Worker Cabaret on June 12th at Public Assembly in Brooklyn, New York!

Submit your proposals here >>>>> http://www.sexworkercabaret.com

We are looking for cabaret acts of 3-7 minutes each for an early evening (7pm -11pm) event: burlesque, performance art, literary readings, comedy, video art, musical acts, etc. are all welcomed.

Diversity encouraged! All genders, bodies, ages, and talents welcome to apply. We are currently looking for proposals that would be, on some level, about sex work: whether it be a story about your favorite/least favorite client, a burlesque number to She Works Hard For the Money, or a more abstract interpretation. Preference is given to current/former sex workers (self-defined) but we will also consider topical submissions from allies, partners of workers, etc.

Please submit a short proposal by April 7, 2011 about the act you are interested in doing. If we don’t know one another, please send a link to your website, facebook, etc. or a link to a video.

Compensation: This is a benefit for…you! Some overhead costs need to be covered but after that, all money received from the door will be pooled and split among the performers. (Each act is a share in the pool; each video is a half-share) We ask that you help promote as the more people we bring in, the more money for the performers. We can help out of town performers find housing, but are unable to provide travel stipends.

We are also looking for go-go dancers who would be compensated with part of the pooled funds -- but also receive tips. Go-go dancing is 7pm-8pm and during intermission. You may apply to both perform and go-go.

Please forward to anyone you think might like to be a part of this very special evening.

Deadline: Please submit your proposal by April 7th.
Submit your proposals here >>>>> http://www.sexworkercabaret.com

Questions? Contact: Sarah Jenny & Damien at producers@sexworkercabaret.com
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Sex Worker Zine Project - Submission Deadline: May 1, 2011 [10 Mar 2011|11:19am]

The Sex Worker Zine Project seeks to create a zine showcasing the diversity of sex workers’ experiences of all genders, sexualities, ages, abilities, nationalities, immigration statuses, races, and ethnic backgrounds. International submissions encouraged! This yet to be titled zine will be printed in full cover and will be available for sale with profits supporting the work of SWOP-NYC. All accepted contributors will receive a free copy of the completed zine. For more info, visit: http://www.sarahjenny.org/blog/portfolio/sex-worker-zine-project/ .

How to Contribute
Are you a current or former sex worker or someone who has experienced trading sex for money, food, housing, drugs, hormones, and/or other survival needs? We want to hear from you! Please submit your work on a sheet of paper 5 1/2″ x 8 1/2″ (ex. half a sheet of letter size paper) with quarter inch margins, full color (or black and white, high contract) page to our zine project. Please do not fold the paper if possible. Include on a separate page (either attached with a paper clip or leave unattached) your name (does not need to be your legal name), age, email address and/or phone number, and a mailing address should you wish to receive a copy if your page is makes it in the final project. Please state how, if at all, you wish to be credited for your work. (ex. Sparkley Stacey, John Doe, Anonymous in India, etc.) Be creative! Use pens, markers, collage, glitter, what ever way you wish to express yourself! You can use text or images alone or together. You can submit up to five pages but we will probably only be able to print one page per person. Your original materials will not be returned to you.

Your submission must be postmarked by May 1, 2011.

Can allies contribute?
We will consider submissions by allies! If you are an ally, friend, family member, child, parent, or partner of a sex worker, your story and advice is also valuable! Please consider submitting a page to the zine and please note if you are an ally with your submission.

Submissions by E-Mail

You can submit your piece by email if you are able (for example, created in PhotoShop or if it is scanned) at 300dpi resolution. Please email to: sarahjenny(at)gmail(dot)com.

Submissions by Mail

Mail your submission to:
Sarah Jenny
721 Broadway
4th Floor, ITP
New York, NY 10003 USA

Prompts & Ideas for Submissions
  • Your techniques for self-care, ex. bubble bath, cooking a good meal, playing with your dog, etc.
  • Techniques for harm reduction, ex. getting tested regularly, tips for screening clients, strategies for staying safe, etc.
  • How To Be An Ally To Sex Workers
  • Tips for Partners of Sex Workers – how to be supportive, how to decide whether or not to come out to a partner, etc.
  • Illustrate your favorite work outfit
  • Illustrate your favorite outfit in general!
  • What does a bad day at work feel like? How do you cope? What would you like to see change?
  • Illustrate and write about what sex work is like in your city, region, or country.
  • Illustrate and write about what you imagine ideal working conditions to be like — ex. decriminalization, health care, etc.
  • Tell us about your sex worker community!
  • A list of your favorite support resources, books, magazines, and organizations
  • Anything else you wish to add!
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Queer Memoir: CRUSH (fun, funny and I betcha touching as well...) [25 Jan 2011|08:09pm]


You can also learn more about the event and RSVP on facebook or read about Queer Memoir here.
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[NYC] 1st Thursday BiRequest Meeting: Gendered Sex, Gendered Heart . . . [03 Jan 2011|02:44pm]

[ mood | curious ]

All Bisexual, Fluid, Pansexual Queer-identified and Bi-friendly folks are invited to join us at the NYC's LGBT Community Center this Thursday January 6th for another of BiRequest's bi-monthly moderated discussion groups. This weeks topic is: Gendered Sex, Gendered Heart . . .Collapse )

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The Boys of BEARlesque [22 Dec 2010|12:29pm]

1st let me say: This is not just for GAYS!

If you havent heard of us, we are The Boys of BEARlesque.

Whats a Bear? Well, its a larger, furrier male of homosexual nature.

Whats Burlesque? Its what happened between vaudeville and strippers.

Put them together and you have: BEARlesque.

For the past 8 months we have been putting up a brand new 2 hour long show at the infamous Stonewall Inn on Christopher st in Manhattan.

Every month has a different theme with a whole assortment of numbers from mild to wild, from comedy to sex, from romantic to risque. Our crowd is very diverse in the audience. Men, women, gay, straight, black, white, we get them all.

For 2 hours we do everything in our power to put smiles on your faces and entertain you.

We do our shows regularly the 2nd monday of every month. If Monday is bad for you, we are doing our 1st saturday on January 22nd. Ill advertise for that when we finish our flyer, but it is our YEAR IN REVIEW!! We are taking the best of our best and putting it all in one huge smashing show!

We do the show to raise money for charity and to raise the awareness of BEAR PRIDE!!!

Come see our next show:
Bear Sex in the City
Monday, January 10th @ 9:00pm.
The Stonewall Inn
53 Christopher st

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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[NYC] Fluid & Festive - BiRequest's Annual Holiday Party [14 Dec 2010|02:23am]

Get your holiday groove on at BiRequest's ANNUAL HOLIDAY PARTY! this THURSDAY DECEMBER 16th from 6 PM thru 9:30 PM at NYC's LGBT Center in the West VillageCollapse )

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American Institute of Bisexuality Launches Message of Hope on International Human Rights Day [14 Dec 2010|02:23am]

[ mood | thoughtful ]

As we commemorate International Human Rights Day, the American Institute of Bisexuality is launching a message of hope for bisexual teens who suffer bullying and harassment along with their gay, lesbian and transgender peersCollapse )

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Subletting my room! [11 Sep 2010|04:12pm]

Hey, if any of you all are looking for LGBTQ-friendly temporary housing from Sept 19-Jan 1 (possibly later), please check out my CL post and message me as soon as you can!

Sunset Park sublet, $500 a month, fully furnished!



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OBC/Film RENT's Wilson Jermaine Heredia Returns to Stage [07 Jul 2010|08:41pm]


You’ll never guess what happened on the subway…!

Tales from the Tunnel highlights six actors playing nearly 100 characters in a series of humorous, heartbreaking, and insightful accounts of true New York City Subway experiences, woven together into an entertaining ride. Come see the show that brings your experiences traveling through the veins of NYC to life! It’s a trip you won’t forget.

Previews begin THIS SATURDAY!!!! Buy tickets online now at www.talesfromthetunnel.com - use the code FFWILSON

join the facebook group: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/event.php?eid=131556920210273&index=1
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[NYC Tri-state Area] BiRequest's Annual Pride Party 6/17 6PM [17 Jun 2010|06:03am]

[ mood | happy ]

♥ Par-Tay ♥ Par-Tay ♥ Par-Tay ♥Collapse )

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Dancing Bears! [10 Jun 2010|01:53pm]

Boys of Bearlesque NYC Presents:

FURSITILE (The Encore)

Brought to you by Mr. International Bear 2010

Fun, Sex, Comedy, Romance, and a Queen Running the show

Performing at The Stonewall Inn
53 Christopher Street

MONDAY June 14th!! Starts at 9:00pm

$12 at door
$10 in advance
2 drink minimum

Amatuer contest with prizes.
To RSVP: luvrentboy@yahoo.com

Bring dollar bills to tip the dancers, if that tickles your fancy!

Wanna get tickets online?

The 1st show was a HUGE hit, so we decided to do it again! Dont miss out!

***Supporting the Charity: By the Grace of George, to feed the pets of terminally ill homebound patients.
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NYC Dyke March - Saturday, June 26, 2010 [05 Jun 2010|01:42am]

Saturday, June 26, 2010
Stepoff from Bryant Park (W 42nd St/5th Ave) at 5 pm, sharp!
The March is for self-identified women, supporters cheer us on!

Since 1993, when the Lesbian Avengers organized the first Dyke March in Washington, D.C. at the March on Washington, and then again in New York in June, dykes have come out to demonstrate for rights and visibility.

Every year, thousands of dykes march down 5th Avenue to Washington Square Park on the Saturday before the NYC Pride Parade. Drummers up front near the banner rally the marchers out into the street and keep the rhythm going all the way down to the Village. Signs proclaim political and personal slogans like "I'll be satisfied when every dyke can be out" and "I'll be satisfied when my mother can say the word lesbian." We've seen giant lesbian puppets, a swimming pool complete with bathing beauties pulled along by strapping gals, SuperDyke in a rainbow cape, and of course: the fabulous marshals, those tireless and dedicated dykes, who lead the march in the front, run down the street blocking the traffic on the sides, and bring up the rear of the march.

The Dyke March is for self-identified women, supporters cheer us on!

Run down 5th, keep the March moving, help marchers stay safe and informed, meet other women, and get your official TWAT TEAM T-Shirt!

Attend one of two trainings:
Monday, June 14, 7 - 9 pm - Bluestockings (172 Allen Street)
Saturday, June 19, 1 - 3 pm - LGBT Community Services Center (208 West
13th Street)

Want to marshal but can't make a training? Email us for more
information at dykesATdykemarchnycDOTorg


Thursday, June 17, 6:30 pm (ticket drawing at 8:00 pm) at the Stonewall Inn

Join us at the historic Stonewall Inn for drinks, mingling, and a raffle with prizes from NYC restaurants, Yankees Tickets, Mets Tickets, Rony Tennenbaum Jewelry, Circle Line Cruises, Ms. Magazine, A Gift Certificate from Sam Ash, US Open Tickets, Staceyann Chin, A special L Word Package, and our favorite lesbian-owned sex shop - Babeland!


Saturday, June 26, 2010, 8 'til late!
Join us for the Post-Dyke March Spectacular at Ginger's - The ONLY after-party that funds the March (banners, marshal materials, website, noisemakers, signs, and everything else!)


Questions: dykesATdykemarchnycDOTorg

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